Use good cyber hygiene to avoid potential scammers.
Hey all,

In a time when our health is so important, the FBI is advising to also use good cyber hygiene to avoid potential scammers throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.  Please be extra careful who you give your information to, always but especially now.

If you receive a suspicious email, do not click on any links, open any attachments, or respond. Check for misspellings or wrong domains within a link. I would ask around if you are unsure, then report it as spam if necessary and delete it.

Be particularly on the lookout for emails seemingly from the CDC or other organization asking for personal information, payment, or offering counterfeit products or services.    Now that the $2 trillion stimulus package has been passed by Congress and signed off by the president, I’d expect even more attempts by scammers asking for your bank information.  Unfortunately now is the time when people are more vulnerable, and that’s how they get you.

I know these are not easy times, but we can be smart about what we are doing and learn outside our comfort zone. That’s how growth happens.  🙂

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