Hello All!

We wanted to take some time to communicate to our clients and friends how we at HD Davis CPAs and White Glove Payroll are handling the COVID-19 situation.

As many of you might know, our family spent some time in the hospital when our son was born prematurely in 2019. Because of that, our doctor encouraged our family to follow a strict regimen of social distancing all year long. We have been EXTREMELY cautious in our office for the last twelve months about sanitizing and cleaning our office daily to ensure our families’ safety, so we have had plenty of practice for what is happening in our community today (we are happy to report that everyone is happy and healthy today).

With that being said, we took a step back from our current situation to think about who we need to protect the most. We realized that there is a very large percentage of our clients who are older, so we need to implement some new procedures through the remainder of this tax season to ensure we can continue to take care of our clients promptly and accurately.

Here is our plan:

1.) If you have all of your existing tax information, please do not wait to send it in. Please email (preferred), mail your documents, or drop off your documents as soon as possible.
If you are emailing, we can send you a safe link for confidentiality purposes. If you feel you still need the appointment, we ask that you please contact us now.

2.) Plan ahead for delays. We are doing our best to anticipate delays in processing time or review time in the event there are any illnesses or travel restrictions that will impact our team. Please be patient with us and do your best to get your information to us as soon as possible.
Our team is equipped with the ability to work remotely at any time, but that will cause some inefficiencies and slightly increased processing time. We are prepared for video conferencing meetings and secure digital sharing when necessary.

3.) This is not the first time the government has made mention of an extended deadline for tax returns. This is a tremendous undertaking for an already understaffed IRS, so I would be prepared for something like this to be riddled with potential mistakes and processing errors. The only way we will be able to combat that and protect our clients from any delays in processing, is to get your information sooner rather than later.

4.) Our policy has always been if you were an existing client in 2018, then we will prepare an extension for you (at no cost), that is if we have not heard from you by March 15th. In addition, our office will call in the coming weeks to all individuals who we have not seen from last tax filing season.

In conjunction with these precautions, we cancelled the contest sponsored by White Glove Payroll and Youngstown Clothing Company at the Youngstown Phantoms game this Saturday for those of you who planned to attend.

To learn more about how you can help stop the spread of COVID-19, please see the letter from Governor DeWine (attached).

As always, thank you for your continued support and understanding. We will continue to work very hard to ensure that ALL of our clients continue to get the highest level of service possible at all times.



Tim Petrey, CPA, CGMA
Managing Partner
330.759.8522 ext. 103

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